Work Place / Gathering Place CSA

Our custom packed Fresh Choice Share delivered to your work place, place of worship, or other gathering place (gym, book club, yoga class). With a group of 5 or more members, you can have the flavor, freshness, and convenience of our customized Farm Fresh Share delivered to your work or gathering place. 


We offer three sizes of our Main Season Share, with weekly and biweekly delivery options.  Shares are custom packed for each member based upon their unique vegetable preferences.  You will NOT receive the items you don't want or enjoy, while you WILL receive those items you most prefer and use consistently. Members can further customize their shares, swapping items and / or ordering extra items or quantity (full description on our Fresh  Choice Share page). Less Waste, More Value, and Greater Satisfaction for every member!


Fresh Choice Share  (Work / Gathering Place):


  • May through Early December

  • Weekly or BiWeekly Delivery (15 or 30 weeks)

   Small ~ $19/ delivery 

        Serves 1 -2 persons, 4 - 6 items/delivery

   Regular ~ $30/delivery

         Serves 2-4 eaters, 7 - 12 items/delivery

   Large ~ $42 / Delivery

         Serves 4-6 eaters, 10 - 16 items/delivery

Add-On Options to Your Fresh Harvest Share:

  • Pasture Raised Roasting Chicken from Osprey Hill Farm in Acme.

  • Organic Eggs from Local Hens

  • Organic  Shiitake Mushrooms from Cascadia Mushrooms, Bellingham

  • Local Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Apples, and other fruits and specialty crops.

  • Cheese: Handmade from local dairies and food processors

  • Fresh Pasta from Bellingham Pasta

Work / Gathering Place CSA Discounts

  • Base share pricing same as the Fresh Choice Share

Size of Program

  • Minimum of 5 members per site

  •  3 % off all shares for sites with 10+ members

  •  7 % off all shares for sites with 20+ members

Renewing Program

  • 3 % for programs renewing from previous season

Payroll Deduction

  • 5 % off all shares for sites offering payroll deduction

Early Sign Up by March 5th

  • 5 % off all shares for sites who complete sign up by April 15th

Site Coordinators

  •  Work Place Coordinator may deduct from their personal share purchase 5% of the total value of all shares purchased at their work place.

How To Sign Up

Once you have initial commitments from at least 5 members, contact us and we'll set up a pick site option on the sign up page for you. A discount coupon will be created for members to use when they sign up, based on the above criteria.  Members can then individually sign up and pay the initial deposit or in full.  Please be sure to indicate who the site coordinator is and include any additional contact information for this person that will facilitate our easy communication with them.

Please contact us if you'd like to establish a pick up site at your work / gathering place, or have any questions about this option or the farm generally. 360-595-7663.