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Cedarville Farm

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Work Place CSA

"Connecting local businesses, their owners, and employees, with the flavor, abundance, and freshness of local farms, while simultaneously enhancing the viability of our region's farms and health and community of our work places."

Our Grower's Choice Share delivered to your work place. We need at least 5 members to establish a work place delivery, and possibly more if you are outside of  our normal downtown Bellingham route.  Available in Quarter, Half, and Full Share sizes.  Coordinators for work place CSA's  receive a discount for their good work.

Share Sizes

Full Share

  1 full box delivered every week

  7-12 items/box

  Enough for 3-4 people

Half Share

  1 full box delivered every other week

  7-12 items/box

  Enough for 2-3 people

Quarter Share

  1 small box delivered every other week

  3-6 items/box

  Enough for 1-2 people


Main Season (May-November)

    Quarter Share (14 boxes)  $191

    Half Share (14 boxes)   $375

    Full Share (28 boxes)  $741


  • automatic 5% off regular CSA prices (factored into above prices)

  • Additional 2% off all shares for every year member business has been in our CSA program.

  • Additional 5% off from share cost if the number of weekly boxes delivered is greater than 10

  • Additional 5% deducted if your company offers a payroll deduction, or if entire group pays share in full

  • Additional 3% if sign up completed by April 30th

  • Work Place Coordinator may deduct the larger of two options: 4% of total value of all shares purchased at their work place, or 35% of the value of their individual share

  • Share Price can be pro-rated in advance (at time of registration) for scheduled absences.