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Cedarville Farm

3081 Goshen Road, Bellingham, WA 98226



Pasture Raised Roasting Chicken, Turkey, and Eggs

~ Fed Organic Grains, Clean Water, Fresh Air and Nothing Else.  Allowed  24/7   Access to Their Fields.  Delicious, Succulent, and Wholesome.


Roasting Chicken

We raise our broiler chickens on pasture with ample room for them to scatch, hop, and move about the way chickens do. We feed our birds 100% organically grown grains, fresh pasture, water, and air.

Broilers are sold frozen and are available for purchase through our Broiler Chicken Share, or separately from our stand at the Bellingham Farmers Market. We will be raising three different rounds of broilers throughout the 2017 growing season, offering you multiple options and more quantity. Birds weigh from 3 to 5 lbs. 

Price: Whole Birds $5.50/lb    Whole, Cut Birds: $6.15/lb

Deposit of $6/bird required at ordering.



Specifically for the Thanksgiving season, we raise our turkeys entirely on pasture and feed them an all organic, whole grain ration, plus all of the fresh water and air they care to take in.

Turkeys are sold frozen and distributed the week of Thanksgiving. Birds can be picked up at the farm, at any Wednesday CSA pick up site, or at the Bellingham Farmers Market. Dressed turkeys weigh 14 to 20 lbs.

Price: $5.95/lb

A deposit of $20 required at ordering.


Egg Share

Our hens roost and lay in a mobile house with a large fenced area surrounding them. They have plenty of room to move about and have full access to the outdoors, organic grain feed, and water. Nearly everyday, the gals receive a large portion of vegetable trimmings from our packing line; this abundant green feed may account for the deep color and excellent flavor of the eggs they lay.

Price: $6.85 / dozen.

Winter & Main Season Shares :

           Winter:  March - May  *  Main Season: June - November  *  14 weeks for both seasons         

1 dozen / wk  =  $96

2 dozen / wk  =  $192