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Cedarville Fresh Choice Share

 Customized Shares to Meet Your Needs 

 We utilize a CSA support software called Harvie, that allows us to provide each member a unique, custom packed share based on their unique personal food preferences. Don't like something? You will never receive it, not even once! Love something?  You'll receive it as often as our harvest and the season will allow.  You can further customize your deliveries by swapping, adding, or deleting items during the customization window prior to harvest. 

But, that's not all!  The Harvie program offers our CSA members these additional services and features:

  • Additional customization prior to delivery ~ swap items  or add extra items or quantity to create just the share you want

  • Less Food Waste, because you receive more of what you like and use and none of what you don't want or won't use

  • Recipes, preparation hints, and links to cooking websites

  • Rescheduling share deliveries when you are away or can't pick up

  • A flexible payment plan that spreads your payments out over the full season

  • Great Support when you need assistance rescheduling your delivery, or changing your share contents, or anything else to do with your share

 Fresh Choice Share:


  • June through November

  • Weekly or BiWeekly Delivery (13 or 27 weeks)

   Small ~ $20 delivery 

        Serves 1 -2 persons, 4 - 6  items/delivery

   Regular ~ $32/delivery

         Serves 2-4 eaters, 7 - 12 items/delivery

   Large ~ $43 / Delivery

         Serves 4-6 eaters, 10 - 16 items/delivery


Pastured Pork from Alluvial Farms: Customizeable Share
You'll receive a variety of pork products made from pastured hogs grown at Alluvial Farms in Everson. Pork products available for this share include: ground pork, picnic and butt shoulder roasts; spare ribs; country style ribs; soup bones, lard, bacon, pork sausage links, pork shoulder steaks, pork chops, sliced hoc, and fresh sliced pork belly.  This share, like our vegetable share, is fully customizeable to insure you receive the types of pork you most want.  Availability of any one item may vary from delivery to delivery, but you will always receive a delicious variety of pork products.  $69/ delivery, 4 - 7 lbs of pork products depending upon the items you select.  Early and Late Seasons available ~ 4 deliveries / season.

Other Delicious Foods from Local Producers and Processors
These items will be available for inclusion in your regular harvest list, or can be swapped or added as an extra during the customization period prior to delivery.


Pastured Roasting Chicken from Osprey Hill Farm, Acme

Succulent and flavorful roasting chicken, raised on pasture and fed a non gmo whole grain diet. 


Organic Eggs from Grace Harbor Farms
Organic eggs gathered from hens raised on pasture at Grace Harbor Farm.

Berries 1.jpeg

Local Fresh Fruit  *  Raspberries, Blueberries, & Strawberries.  Apples & Pears. Subject to availability. Generally certified organic, though we'll offer some locally  fruit raised using low spray and no spray methods.


Shiitake Mushrooms   

Fresh fungi, grown organically by Cascadian Mushroom Farm


Hand Crafted Cheese from local farms and producers

Our region is made richer with the great number of artisan dairies and food processors making a stunning variety of soft and hard cheeses.  We'll make available to our members a tasty selection of this great bounty.


Fresh Pasta from Bellingham Pasta
Fresh pasta made made from only the essentials: flour, water, and eggs sourced from local suppliers. Fettuccine, Spagetti, Linguine, Pappadelle, Spinach Fettuccine, Rigatoni, Fusilli, and others

What Shareholders Say About the Harvie Custom Share:

"I liked the idea of being able to see and edit my baskets contents before pick up day. Customization reduces waste and makes menu planning more efficient."

"I adore farm-fresh food; however sometimes with a "regular" share you get somethings you just can't stand. Harvie lets me tweak my share so food doesn't go to waste."

(this action is optional and does not alter the automatic pre-selection Harvie does for every share)


The Harvie User Agreement and Your Information

When you sign up for a Fresh Choice Share or Work / Gathering Place Share you will be asked by Harvie to agree with their terms and conditions (here they are for your review).  Harvie is a software and farm support company that makes it possible for us to create customized shares for our members and provide other services that improve the quality of our farm share program.  Harvie does not sell the data it collects from csa members.

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