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NEW in 2020: Customized Shares 

 This season we are using a new CSA management software program called Harvie, that will allow us to provide each member a unique, custom packed share that reflects their own personal food preferences. Don't like something? You will never receive it, not even once! Love something?  You'll receive it often as our harvest and the season will allow. At sign up we'll ask you to complete a survey where you will rate your preference for each of the items we'll have available this season, from a low rating of "I don't want this item",  to the highest rating, "I LOVE this item!"  The Harvie software then sorts your preferences to create unique harvests just for you, based on your preferences and the items we have available that week. 

But, that's not all!  The Harvie program offers our CSA members these additional services and features:

  • Additional customization prior to delivery ~ swap items , add extra items or quantity

  • Less Food Waste, because you receive more of what you like and use and none of what you don't want or won't use

  • Recipes, preparation hints, and links to cooking websites

  • Rescheduling share deliveries when you are away or can't pick up

  • A flexible payment plan that spreads your payments out over the full season

  • Great Support when you need assistance rescheduling your delivery, or changing your share contents, or anything else to do with your share

 Fresh Choice Share:


  • May through Early December

  • Weekly or BiWeekly Delivery (15 or 30 weeks)

   Small ~ $18/ delivery 

        Serves 1 -2 persons, 4 - 6 items/delivery

   Regular ~ $28/delivery

         Serves 2-4 eaters, 7 - 12 items/delivery

   Large ~ $40 / Delivery

         Serves 4-6 eaters, 10 - 16 items/delivery

Add-On Options to Your Fresh Harvest Share:

  • Shiitake Mushrooms from Cascadia Farm

  • 5 oz bag: $3.50

How it Works:

1. Sign Up on Our Harvie Page

2. Complete the Food Preferences Survey so the Harvie software can create harvests for you based on your unique food likes and dislikes.

3. Receive and READ your weekly confirmation emails.

4. If all looks good to you, do nothing until pick up day. But, if you wish, now is the time to Swap items & add Extras.  Then...

5. Pick up Your Box and Enjoy!

What Shareholders Say About the Harvie Custom Share:

"I liked the idea of being able to see and edit my baskets contents before pick up day. Customization reduces waste and makes menu planning more efficient."

(this action is optional and does not alter the automatic pre-selection Harvie does for every share)

"I adore farm-fresh food; however sometimes with a "regular" share you get somethings you just can't stand. Harvie lets me tweak my share so food doesn't go to waste."


The Harvie User Agreement and Your Information

When you sign up for a Fresh Choice Share or Work / Gathering Place Share you will be asked by Harvie to agree with their terms and conditions (here they are for your review).  Harvie is a software and farm support company that makes it possible for us to create customized shares for our members and provide other services that improve the quality of our farm share program.  Harvie does not sell the data it collects from csa members.

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