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Cedarville Farm

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Grower's Choice Share

The Classic model, a weekly or twice monthly box packed for you at the farm and delivered to a convenient pick up site


A box of  what’s fresh and delicious from our farm for that week, picked and packed by us (and occasionally including products from other local organic farms), and delivered to a pick-up site convenient to you. Each week’s box will feature a diversity of items including salad and cooking greens, fruiting crops, root crops, and culinary herbs. Our farm to your table insures the freshest and most delicious produce you can find.

    One season  May - December ~ 30 weeks. Full shares are delivered every week, while Half Shares are identical in size and items to Full Shares but delivered on alternating weeks. Full Shares provide enough produce to serve the appetites of  2 - 4 people. Half Shares work well for 2 adults. New in 2017, we have created a Quarter Share for those of you who want a smaller quantity of produce each week.  This share will be delivered every other week, but in a smaller box than the Half Share.  The Winter Storage Share will consist of twice monthly deliveries, December (1 delivery) before Christmas), January, & February, featuring quantities of root crops (potatoes, beets, carrots, & other roots), onions, winter squash, cabbage, Brussel’s Sprouts, and hardy greens like Spinach, Kale, Cabbage, Arugula, Chard, Radicchio, and others.


Main Season (May-December)

     Quarter Share$201

           (15 boxes delivered every other week)  

     Half Share:  $395

           (15 boxes delivered every other week)  

     Full Share:  $780 

           (30 boxes, delivered weekly)   

Please Consider: A share's suitability to a given family unit is impacted by at least these factors: vegetarian/vegan or mixed diet, frequency family eats out, and amount family cooks at home.  Thus a full share might work for a vegetarian family of 2, while a Half Share might overwhelm a family of 2 that eats out frequently or is away from home often. In any case, we are happy to change share size at any point in the season if the quantity of product you are receiving is not correct for your family's needs.

Share Size

Quarter Share

     1 small box delivered every other week

     3-6 items/box

     Feeds 1 - 2 people

Half Share

     1 full box delivered every other week

     7-12 items/box

     Feeds 2 -3  people

Full Share

     1 full box delivered every week

     7-12 items/box

    Feeds 1 -2 people

Want more choice over the items you receive? Then our Your Choice Market Share might work for you.


Look out for weekly newsletters full of lively farm updates, what's in your box, and recipes! We'll also be hosting two farm events for our members- a Summer Pesto Festo and the Fall Pumpkin Patch Party. Stay tuned for more information as they approach!  Click Here for information about our delivery sites.

Sorry, no substitutions, but a great chance every delivery to stretch your culinary envelopes!