Pick Up Sites for 2022

Cedarville Farm

Goshen Rd., near the Deming Log Show Grounds


Wiley Courtt, north of W. Smith road

Henry Street

Elizabeth Park Area

Fairhaven/Southside Bellingham

At Douglas and Highland Streets, south of WWU

Alabama Hill / Silver Beach

Off of Vining St., between Eerie and Crestline Drive

Undine Street

South of Lakeway, about a mile east of Whole Foods

Sunnyland (Your Choice & Fresh Choice Share Pick up Available)

The Homeskillet, Kentucky St., west of James St.

Bellingham Farmers’ Market

South Railroad Ave, downtown Bellingham

Your Work Place!

We served over 200 members at their work places in 2021!

Must have a minimum of 5 shares per week.  Please contact us for details.

These are the current CSA pick up sites for the 2022 season.  We are always looking to expand our delivery capacity, so if you have a good garage/porch/covered area of any sort and are willing to become a pick up site, please get in touch!  We offer discounts to those members who offer up their space.