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Welcome To The 2022 Harvest!

We are embarked on another season of cultivating the good earth to produce fresh, delicious, and healthy food for our friends and neighbors.

Our Fresh Choice and Your Choice Farm Shares are both accepting members for the 2022 season.

We've also partnered with other local farms and food processors to provide you an even larger menu of delicious foods:

~ Alluvial Farms (Pork)
~ Cascadia Mushroom Farm (Shiitake and other fungi)
~ Bellingham Pasta (
fresh pasta)
~ Osprey Hill Farm (pastured chicken)
~ Grace Harbor Farms (eggs from pastured hens)

~ Local fruit and vegetable farms

We'd Love to be your farmers!
~ Mike, Kim, and Crew
Cedarville Farm

"Just wanted to let you know how much our family enjoyed the veggies that you so lovingly grew for us. One of the highlights of our week was learning what to expect in our box on Wednesday. Some of our favorite items include: artichokes, winter squash, spinach, sunflower sprouts, carrots, the unusual variety of cucumbers, and lots more."

"I LOVED the Harvie system.  I think I took last season (2019) off because we were getting items we didn’t love and found we weren’t eating them (instead our neighbors chickens ate some really amazingly grown food ). But the Harvie system brought me back being able to adjust what I wanted.  I used it to check our harvest and either swap or add additional items for every box."


"I can’t tell you what coming back to CSA-ing meant to me this year. Getting those bi-weekly boxes of beautiful, fresh vegetables brought great joy during a summer and fall that had considerable disappointments due to isolation, closures, etc. I looked forward to each delivery with great anticipation, and had fun searching for recipes to try new menu items. I found myself also looking forward to those announcement emails, allowing me to see what was coming and make swaps if I wanted to. That Harvie system is just great."


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